Easy Shiplap Walls Install: Get the Look Without the Fuss

Do you love the look of a wood wall, but don’t feel like you have the DIY cred to pull it off?  Take a look at this peel-and-stick paneling project. We used Stikwood paneling. It costs about $10 to $14 a square foot. Maybe a little pricey for a whole room, but for an accent wall in a bedroom, den or foyer, it’s totally doable. The panels can be cut with a utility knife, and they’re self-adhesive, so you don’t need any power tools.  What you do need is a game plan, especially if you’re going to do a chevron pattern like we did. Draw out your pattern first, you’ll have to do some math to make sure you get the angles correct. Ideally, if you have a lot of floor space, lay it all out on the floor before you commit to the walls.

If you’re looking to add more farmhouse style, try whitewashing some random objects to make a gallery wall. Use wood objects in different shapes, sizes and proportions. Make sure to look past the piece’s current finish or personality. Objects like the apple and the key in this grouping looked very different before they were sanded and painted.

You don’t need a hammer, nails or saw. Find out how to create a wood accent wall using peel-and-stick tile, plus check out more budget decorating projects to update your home. By: Jacquelyn McGilvray

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