Help Me, BHG: How Can I Boost Curb Appeal without Spending Major Dollars?


We had a question from a reader about curb appeal. She wants to know what she can do to improve her home’s exterior appearance if she’s not going to invest in a full remodel. There are some great ways to do this.

The first idea I have is to update your front door. “Thats one” of the quickest ways to give your residence a mini-facelift. If you can’t replace the door, then consider painting it or replace the door hardware to give it a altogether fresh look. I actually have a friend who paints her front door literally every six months and her residence appears brand new! But there are some things to keep in mind; you want to make sure that your door surface is clean because paint won’t stick to clay or grease or grime.

You likewise want to look for an exterior acrylic paint, which will help withstand these components and refuse mildew and mold. And don’t be afraid to go bold! A primary color like red or yellowish appears fantastic on a door and it operates across both traditional and contemporary puts. Another idea is to update your exterior lighting; replace your wall sconces or dot your walkway with some pretty scenery illuminates, which will specify a welcoming incident. And then finally, should be considered your landscaping itself. Some container flowers or some window boxes will create a really pretty appear, and they don’t cost much and you can easily change them out with the seasons.

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